Display your awesome Todd's Costumes DL-44 blaster with this custom made display stand. Made from sturdy acrylic, it is a one piece design without glued on uprights which can snap off. It is cut to fit our DL-44 replica precisely. Choose "with plaque" to receive yours with our custom laser-etched plaque crediting those involved in the creation of the original prop. 

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Blaster stand

Steven Truax on 16th Jan 2024

The stand is fantastic! The blaster fits perfectly and the plaque is very clean and really adds to the display.

Awesome Piece

Patrick on 3rd Nov 2023

Bought this the other day & it arrived quick. Fits the blaster quite nice, no concerns or complaints

Han solo Plaque

Flavio on 10th Mar 2023

This is a great piece for the money. Great job. Flavio

Both beautiful & exceptionally sturdy.

Doug Pratt on 14th Feb 2023

I do not have my DL-44 yet (back ordered). I've seen pictures of the DL-44 in this stand. It appears to fit perfectly. That is exactly why I bought this stand. So when my 'Blaster' does arrive, I'll have the perfect stand to display it on.

Great product.

Flavio on 13th Dec 2022

I put my blaster on this stand. Perfect ! Thanks again, Flavio L.A. Ca.

The perfect complement to Han's Blaster

Jeremy on 11th Nov 2022

The stand is amazing, holds up the blaster with great stability.

Great Accessory

Josh Butt on 7th Nov 2022

Perfect for displaying your blaster.


Ken Kiel on 2nd Aug 2022