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Maximus Gladiator Costume, Germania

Maximus Gladiator Costume, Germania

"At my signal, unleash hell."

And unleash it they did.

Who can forget the amazing opening battle in Germania, or the stunning battle costume Russell Crowe was wearing? Our replica is made of screen-quality materials with accurate movie details. Wardrobe includes a red cotton tunic and pants set, gold cuirass with silver cast resin emblems, silver leather shoulder spaulders with gold leather trim and with gold-tipped silver strips, custom brown boots, smock with double layer cingulum, silver and gold greaves made of resin laminate, silver and gold gauntlets, red cotton cape with faux wolf pelt, authentically detailed steel sword and scabbard with gold trim, rabbit fur arm warmers, red scarf, red ribbon, brown leather leg wraps, and brown leather hand wraps.

You'll feel like the General himself wearing this jaw-dropping costume. Put it on a mannequin for a museum-quality display.