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Have you ever tried to wear a whip on your belt?  Well, I have.  The first thing I noticed is that my whip wouldn't stay in it!  Before I took five steps, the whip handle was dragging 8 feet behind me!  Not the way you want to look!  The trouble is that whips are slippery devils and they're tapered to boot, which makes keeping them rolled up securely is a real challenge.

My whip holders are made from top-quality leather. They slip over your belt, so you can wear it on the right or the left. The closure is a one-way snap, a special snap that only opens from the top, so the weight of the whip will not pop it open no matter how fast you are running from angry Hovitos. But the real trick is a hidden velcro adjustment that allows you to tighten the holder to any size whip, whether long or short, thick or thin. Here's how to use it: Roll up your whip, snap the whip holder closed and open the velcro. Wrap the whip holder around the whip and wrap it as tightly around the whip as you can. Close the velcro. This is enough to hold most whips in place under most conditions.  And the best best part? The color is "Raiders" dark tan.


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    Very prompt and courteous sevice - great product

    Posted by Byron on 26th Oct 2012

    I received my whip holder very quickly after ordering. The whip holder itself was very well made, and the velcro strips made fastening and unfastening it very easy. I am totally pleased with this product and the service provided by Todd's Costumes.

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    Good stuff

    Posted by Unknown on 26th Oct 2012

    Great quality product that's made of real leather. The whip can be held as tightly as you wish.

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    Great product!

    Posted by Unknown on 10th Oct 2012

    its a bit hard to figure out how it works, but its well made, looks great. Would recommend to anyone in need of a whip-holding device!

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    Great product

    Posted by Jordan on 26th Sep 2012

    This whip holder is great. Very sturdy, and has a nice solid snap (I've seen them break quite easily on other, cheaper holders). I definitely recommend this if you need to keep your trusty whip in place while adventuring!

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    Best whip holder ever!

    Posted by Jay on 13th Sep 2012

    This is the best whip holder i ever found. Great construction and 100% authentic.

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    Perfert for the job

    Posted by Conner on 1st Aug 2012

    This whip holder is top notch and is great for holding your whip right by your side. High quality leather and a easily adjustable velcro strap. Another great product Todd.

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    Good Holder

    Posted by Unknown on 21st Jul 2012

    This whip holder works well; I would give five stars, but the velcro backing slightly shows from the top when attached to leather belt. Still, a good product.

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    The best whip holder I have found...

    Posted by Troy Gallagher on 2nd Jul 2012

    Yes, it is real leather, yes it holds the whip, yes it holds it really REALLY well, it doesn't slip, it hold it on great. When I used to run with my whip (I went to parks and sometimes kids chase me around...) It doesn't slip off and get caught in my shoes. It holds the whip where it should be, at your side, and it keeps it rolled up until you need it again, and then just simply pop it open. Don't pass up this whip holder, take it from a guy who has had whips for a while, and has been looking for a whip holder that does exactly what this does!!!

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    Great adjustable design.

    Posted by raven7dp on 26th Feb 2012

    If you can't afford the permanently attached holder to gun belt piece, then this is the next best thing. Again the adjustable Velcro design really grips the whip and holds it in place with only minimal slippage.