What is more important to Indiana Jones than his hat and bull whip? Now you can have a real replica whip without spending a fortune!

This is a real whip, made from layers and layers of genuine leather, hand braided in an authentic method with a 12 strand outer layer (most whipmakers only do eight or four strands to cut cost). No part of this Indiana Jones bull whip is made by machine, it's all hand labor by skilled craftsmen. Indiana Jones Bullwhips of this kind typically cost a lot more - and by "a lot" I mean DOUBLE or TRIPLE this price.

You know you don't want to wear one of those cheap, junky Indiana Jones bullwhips you get at the costume store. They're all wrong. You're here because you want something better. Amaze you friends with a REAL bull whip. They'll want to hold it and admire the fine craftsmanship. And while you're at it, why don't you learn to crack it to really show it off?

If you want our best replica of the original Raiders of the Lost Ark bullwhip, this is it.  They are ten feet in length, which is the size that Harrison Ford wore on his belt through almost all of the movie.  Other lengths were used for specific stunts, but the whip on the belt was a ten-footer. Although the whips were natural pinkish-tan when they were new, whips darken with UV exposure to a dark reddish-tan color.  Using our own sun-darkened whips as a reference, we have replicated the color perfectly so you don't have to wait years for your whip to look like the movie.  We have reproduced every detail.

If you want a whip that is a little easier to crack, order the eight foot length.  It's lighter and quicker than the ten foot whip, and cheaper, too.

But these are more than a prop replica, they are also real and usable whips.  They are hand cut from specially tanned calf hide, which is a good and economical alternative to the expensive kangaroo hide of the originals. There are no shortcuts taken in the construction of these whips, such as rope or paper fillers in the core.  These are solid leather - layers and layers of it tightly braided and well rolled.

Seriously, this  Indiana Jones bullwhip is an incredible bargain. Don't assume we'll have these great Indiana Jones bullwhip s forever! Things change, so don't miss out on a great deal.

NOTE on Indiana Jones Bullwhips:

These are REAL bull whips and can cause serious injury if handled improperly

DO NOT try to crack this before learning how to do it. There are lots of training resources on the web and in print. Consult them before you put your eye out, Ralphie! Whipcracking is a fun skill and good recreation. Be safe! Please keep out of reach of reckless children! Eye protection is HIGHLY recommended when cracking Indiana Jones bullwhips. To keep your whip in good whipping shape please try our Pecard Leather Dressing. Sold Separately.

Kids enjoy Bull whip cracking too. Please supervise them carefully

Indiana Jones Bullwhip

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Indy whip

Todd Hill on 3rd Nov 2023

Great look and we’ll made whip, goes great with my Indy hat and bag

Great whip

Richard Henning on 6th May 2023

Can’t go wrong on this one! Got the 8 foot whip and it looks and sounds awesome!

Excellent reproduction

Gene Peters on 1st Apr 2023

High-quality whip. Not just for show.


James on 22nd Mar 2023

Unbelievably quality for the price! I’ve used cowhide whips all my life and this is the finest I’ve seen. Excellent for cosplay and to learn whip cracking when kangaroo hide is out of reach. Would love to see a black option for Catwoman/Zorro cosplay.

Awesome whip!

Caleb on 28th Feb 2023

This is really the first legit whip I’ve ever had for my Indy cosplay. I’ve had some cheap ones from Amazon and this beats it by far. The ten foot took some getting used to, but quality goes a long way and I’m already cracking this one better than any of the whips I’ve had in the past. Awesome whip.

Excellent whip and excellent price - perfect for Indiana Jones kit and cracking!

Eric on 16th Jan 2023

Highly recommended whip!


gary williams jr. on 4th Jan 2023

very well made.

Bill whip

Lucas on 26th Sep 2022

This is awesome, great craftsmanship. Works great and is fun.