Have you ever tried to wear a whip on your belt?  Well, I have.  The first thing I noticed is that my whip wouldn't stay in it!  Before I took five steps, the whip handle was dragging 8 feet behind me!  Not the way you want to look!  The trouble is that whips are slippery devils and they're tapered to boot, which makes keeping them rolled up securely is a real challenge.

My whip holders are made from top-quality leather. They slip over your belt, so you can wear it on the right or the left. The closure is a one-way snap, a special snap that only opens from the top, so the weight of the whip will not pop it open no matter how fast you are running from angry Hovitos. But the real trick is a hidden velcro adjustment that allows you to tighten the holder to any size whip, whether long or short, thick or thin. Here's how to use it: Roll up your whip, snap the whip holder closed and open the velcro. Wrap the whip holder around the whip and wrap it as tightly around the whip as you can. Close the velcro. This is enough to hold most whips in place under most conditions.  And the best best part? The color is "Raiders" dark tan.


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Very well done.

Jordan Graves on 25th Jan 2021

Thank you for your business

Oh, SO Useful!

Dan Collins on 16th Oct 2020

For a Nifty Little Leather Widget, this is AMAZING! My whip is a 12' 16 plait (a bit longer than Indy's), but this little monster does an excellent job of keeping it all coiled just the way I like it, exactly where I want it! Definitely some of the best money I've ever spent as an Afterthought... (There's NOTHING I don't Recommend about this product!)

Whip Holder

Zenith Studios on 22nd Jun 2020

The good: Real leather, adjustable which is a nice feature, Sturdy. Holds my 8ft real leather whip snugly. The bad: The snap is so damn firm I nearly ripped the leather pulling so hard trying to open it. After a couple of snaps and resnaps it's now easier and at least functional, but still takes a lot to open. As such, the leather has already cracked and the tan damaged from having to pull so hard. Fortunately this is part of a custom display piece for my studio, so I'm not going to be "using" it as such. Loses a star for the snap.

Flash snap Whip holder

David on 22nd Jul 2019

That’s WHip like Cool WHip, Brian. I haven’t yet used it while in full Indy regalia running or leaping so I’m hoping it keeps the heavy WHip in place. That being said...so far, so good. I’m a long time Todd’s customer so I’m not too concerned. I will follow up later in the year. Just a little trivia(if you didn’t know). Harrison, apparently, used to put his gun/WHip belt thru his left hip pant loop to help with the ever-dangling WHip issues....it really helps!

Great quality leather whip holder

Bret Daguio on 7th Jun 2019

The leather to the whip holder is quite sturdy. I have a 9 foot whip that holds it in place with very little movement of the whip unveiling. It looks great attached to my gun holster belt looking for a well made whip holder I highly recommend Todd's. Everything I have ever purchased from Todd's is top notch. Thanks Todd.

Mandatory gadget with a whip

12th Apr 2019

Very good quality leather and clever application of the modified button securing the whip. The only uncertainty is how much the felcro is going to last over time, especially in wet conditions and under heavy weather.


Curtis on 13th Jun 2018

I couldn't see in the picture that it had velcro and I didn't want that as it isn't accurate and annoying.

Whip holder didn't hold up

Sterling on 22nd Apr 2016

I loved the Todd's gun-holster and MK bag/strap, but the whip holder was a let down. The snap was randomly either too loose or too hard to open. Then the rivet broke. So the other Todd items I bought were good, but not the holder. So I'm pretty much out a whip holder for my new David Morgan. :-(