Indiana Jones was always carrying a gun,  and in "Raiders of the Lost Ark" it was a Smith & Wesson HE2 in .455 caliber with a custom barrel.  To carry it, he wore a custom made leather flap holster.

These Indiana Jones Raiders holsters are manufactured exclusively for Todd's Costumes. Our Raiders holsters are made from genuine cowhide leather with a bit of an aged look.  It features very authentic styling,  sturdy hand-stitched construction, and a stitched end plug.  They fit just about any revolver with a 4in or shorter barrel. They fit the Smith and Wesson HE2 or our Tanaka PFC Indy gun perfectly.  The belt loop on the back slips easily over our Indiana Jones weapons belt.

This is not just a "costume" holster - this is a real holster that will securely carry a real revolver, suitable for long term use.  Many of our customers use them as a regular holster for their real Smith & Wessons.

Leather holsters usually cost a lot more than this.  When you consider the fact that this is specially made, authentic "Raiders" replica, it's a steal at this price!

Please Note: These holsters are meant to be distressed, so they may have slight cosmetic blemishes, scuffs, cracks, etc. None of the blemishes are noticeable from a few feet away, and in no way affect the function or sturdiness of the holster.


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Raiders Holster, Indiana Jones

Michael Wiff on 19th Apr 2022

A very well made holster, it is made for those who are looking to make the Raiders costume. I would definitely recommend this holster, can't say enough good things about it.

Outstanding Quality and Look

Barry Berryhill on 11th Apr 2022

I couldn’t be happier. I was gifted this holster to house a customized 1917 that has been cut to a 4” barrel. I have no doubt that this will serve the purpose well. I’ve had much more expensive holsters, and this holster is as good if not BETTER quality. Aside from its functionality, this holster is spot on for Indy’s in Raiders. It is not aged as his is, but I prefer that, as I like to allow my Indy gear to obtain its own natural weathering as I use it in my own “adventures.” If you are debating on which holster to buy for cosplay or use, this one is perfect for both!

Thumbs up

William Schrimsher on 20th Jan 2022

Holster is well made and securely stitched, with a screw-in brass stud

Indiana Jones holster

Bernie Hanna on 3rd Nov 2021

This holster is awesome!!! Looks like it came right out of the movie!!! The quality is unbelievable, it's ready for a real adventure!!

Great value for the money

Dutch Indy on 28th Oct 2021

If you're looking for a nice Indiana Jones holster, you've just found it. Great build quality and screen accuracy. Perfect for costuming, but looks like it would do great as a holster for daily use.

Works wonderfully! Tight on the belt, very fine leather craftsman ship, and can easily hold a real revolver! I can see myself using this holster many years down the line! Dare I say, IT BELONGS IN A MUSEUM!

James on 19th Oct 2021

Thanks for the great product! :)

Raiders flap holster

william on 4th Jun 2021

Obviously modeled after the Webley MkIV service holster used by the British in the Boer war, this is a well made and sturdy adaptation designed to fit an abbreviated S&W H.E.2/M1917 service revolver. It will accommodate smaller frame revolvers as well such as the K (S&W) and the E & I (Colt). Smaller frames tend to rattle around too much! I purchased one for actual field use as opposed to a costume item, and it works extremely well! With reasonable care it should last many decades to come. The ONLY issue is the retention strap which is honestly the most used and stressed point on the holster. Still a replacement would not be to difficult to replicate and sew into place, or better yet if Todd's could offer replacement retention straps this thing could easily serve the life if my revolver. Nice job all around!

Indy Holster

Jon on 17th May 2021

Awesome!!!! Fits my prop gun perfect!!