Seemingly simple, yet so elusive!  This is the ultimate recreation of the iconic shirt Harrison Ford wore as Han Solo in "Star Wars episode IV: A New Hope".

What makes it "the ultimate"?  The fact that it is a stitch perfect copy?  No. The fact that it has no buttons?  No. The fact that it has no cuffs"  No.  What makes it the ultimate is THE FABRIC.

This is not "close enough" fabric.  This is an actual reproduction of the original fabric, which has not been made for 20 years.  We found a piece of the same name-brand fabric used for the original...IN THE ORIGINAL COLOR!  We probably have the only piece like this in existence.  We had it analyzed and reproduced exactly.  55% merino wool/45% Egyptian cotton.  Twill weave flannel.  Super lightweight.  Nothing even remotely like this is made today, so we have gone to great pains and expense to have it woven custom for us.  "Close enough" just wasn't close enough for us.  Without the right fabric, it just isn't Han Solo's shirt.  This is not just a shirt - this is an absolute reproduction of the original, made by hand in our California shop.


  • Han Solo's plunging V-neck with no buttons with the bottom 2" closed by hand.
  • Long, wrist-length sleeves
  • Our exclusive, custom wool/cotton flannel twill painstakingly matched to the original fabric

You just aren't going to find a more accurate, authentic shirt anywhere else!


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Han Solo Shirt and Vest Sizing
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Sleeve Length (shirt only) 31" 32" 33" 34" 35"
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Han Solo new hope shirt

Richard on 22nd Feb 2022

I am very pleased with this shirt. The color and style are spot on. The material is nice and light. This is amazing quality for a non custom fitted shirt; and at this price, if a large or medium doesn’t quite fit in all the right places you can still afford to have it adjusted. For me the fit as is was just right.

Great new hope solo shirt

Richard Adams on 18th Feb 2022

This shirt is very nice. The color is great. The material is on the thin side but is of high quality. The look is excellent for a new hope. And the price is fair for a non tailored shirt. And for this price if alterations need to be made this is still an affordable option. Very happy with this purchase.

Great Replica!

Logan Deangelis on 17th May 2021

Definitely get the size you know you fit.


Joe Somebody on 20th Oct 2020

The fabric and fit makes this shirt. Thinking that it may not arrive on time, I ordered a Chinese repro and it's not even close. So glad this one came in. Sizing is spot on and shipping was quick.

Quality shirt.

Martin on 11th Nov 2019

Nice fabric - comfy but had a bit of weight to it for accurate, quality feel. Shipped super fast as well, thanks!

This is the Han shirt you are looking for.

Jeffrey Buholtz on 21st Sep 2019

Just arrived. It's great. Been a serious Han Cosplayer for 16 years. Been wearing ANH Han since 1997. Finally a shirt that's more affordable and with the right fabric and color. It wont get any better than this.