If an authentic Han Solo costume is you want, then this belt is for you!

This is a great replica of the black leather 3-hole belt Han Solo wore in all his adventures. These are not cheap, polyurethane belts, they're made from thick belt leather, and hand-dyed to look just like the original, sporting faint edge lines and a leather keeper. The double-prong, antiqued roller buckle is also a dead-ringer for the real thing.

You'll want to wear this belt all the time, not just when you're busting out the whole Han Solo outfit! You'll find lots of places to wear this great-looking, sturdy leather belt.

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Han Solo belt.

Randy on 23rd Mar 2022

The belt is perfect. It was a little stiff out of the package, but softened up quickly with a little manipulation.

Han Solo Belt

Nathan Andrews on 23rd Dec 2021

I've purchased many items from Todd's over the years and the quality of this leather belt is very nice. I'm not sure if he has a new supplier but the leather is quite good!


Noah Schmitz on 29th Jan 2021

Looks great, I will probably use this as a normal belt when not using it as a costume piece.

Leather Belt

Joe Somebody on 20th Oct 2020

Fantastic value. Quality leather and hardware. This is daily wear quality and not a prop.


Franz Vogl on 16th Mar 2020

The belt seems to run a bit small. The size I ordered barely fits on the very first hole. Id love to exchange it if i can.

Excellent quality leather

Anthony Edmonds on 19th Jan 2020

Great copy of Hans Leather belt, has becoe one of my most used belts. lots of enquireries as to where I bougt it.

Han Solo Belt

Tsewang Dorje on 2nd Dec 2019

This would make a good addition to any Han Solo cosplay. Granted the 2 buckle belt will take some time to get used to. Granted if you are just using this for your cosplay I would recommend breaking the belt in by wearing it for everyday use for a couple of weeks.

old fashioned quality

Amy on 7th Nov 2019

Opening the package when the belt arrived was very rewarding. The smell of the leather and the craftsmanship of the design and buckle are excellent. Thank you!