If an authentic Han Solo costume is you want, then this belt is for you!

This is a great replica of the black leather 3-hole belt Han Solo wore in all his adventures. These are not cheap, polyurethane belts, they're made from thick belt leather, and hand-dyed to look just like the original, sporting faint edge lines and a leather keeper. The double-prong, antiqued roller buckle is also a dead-ringer for the real thing.

You'll want to wear this belt all the time, not just when you're busting out the whole Han Solo outfit! You'll find lots of places to wear this great-looking, sturdy leather belt.

Please measure your waist before you place an order. Our sizes do not match what you buy retail. Order to the Inch



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Great Quality, Great Price

Michael on 5th Aug 2019

Can't beat this belt for authenticity, quality, and price.

Han ANH Belt

Scott on 13th Jun 2019

Great belt. Couldn't ask for anything better

Great belt

Tommy Eisenhauer on 16th Aug 2018

Sturdy, flexible, high-quality leather and screen accurate. Can't ask for much more than that -- aside from the hyperspace shipping speed! Sure I am less than 12 parsecs away, but I was impressed nevertheless. I have been wearing it everyday to break it in (received 07/18) with no signs of creasing or fraying as of this review. The Force is strong with Todd's Costumes!

A Little Disappointed

Dann on 7th Jun 2018

Bought this for my ANH Solo, already have Todd's holster and vest, and both are amazing for the price, but this simple pants belt was a bit disappointing. The rows of holes don't line up with each other, like they were punched by hand, and they seem to be spaced a little too close together vertically, though that could just be my taste. The leather is nice quality and I like the buckle, I just can't get past the holes, they look wonky. Maybe I got a lemon.

high quality and screen accurate

Brad Newland on 4th Jun 2018

Looks fantastic and is 100% screen accurate. Also shipping was very prompt.

Accurate, Great Quality, The Best Out There

Mark on 23rd May 2018

Not much else to say other than this is perfect.

great belt.

Chibitodd@gmail.com todd on 20th May 2018

I have a similar belt that is starting to crack after 18 years. I bought this one for daily use. I added some leather conditioner. It was stiff. I have no complaints about the belt other than being a little stiff when new. The leather is thick it should last years. Yes I wear han solos belt every day!

Han Solo Belt

DracoJeff on 8th May 2018

Quick delivery and the package was well packed. The belt has a very durable feel in terms of its quality. Size 32" fits well even for a small asian built like me with a waistline of 30". It definitely will feels good once the belt gets more seasoned with a softer feel.