These are the parts you need to make the little "sight" on the barrel of your Han Solo Blaster DL-44.

The little antenna looking things originally came from an Avron model airplane kit.  We've patterned ours precisely from the originals and had them injection molded the same way.

The "T" shaped bar was perhaps a piece of cabinet sliding door track, although to my knowledge no one has produced an original piece of the material to confirm that.  But assuming it was sliding door track, we had ours extruded from PVC, which is likely the original material.

You will need to provide your own adhesive to mount these to your blaster.

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Very Nice Detail for Prop DL-44

Elijah on 31st Oct 2018

I bought these to build a detailed prop build of the DL-44 using the Denix Mauser C96. They work great once you cut them down, and work well with any barrel you use (I used a 3-D printed bull barrel from Shapeways, since it didn't require machining). Just a little super glue or epoxy and you're good. Recommended.

Great detail piece for the Keen Eye

Stan on 30th Mar 2018

Bought these to add to my airsoft blaster. They really set the rest of the gun off. The materials are solid and easy to modify if needed. I had to cut down the t-strip a little bit and it was very easy. These are the pieces on my blaster that really show the attention to detail and care about what you made.