Mount your Hensoldt-Wetzlar scope to your blaster with this awesome steel mount!  Every single part has been researched, designed, and blueprinted by us and custom made exclusively for us - not one off-the-shelf component!  Includes everything you need.

  • 2 steel 1/4-28 double end threaded studs with black oxide/oil finish
  • 2 steel spacer rings with black oxide/oil finish for proper offset
  • 2 steel 1/4-28 knurled thumbnuts with black oxide finish
  • 1 steel 1/4-28 knurled thumbscrew with black oxide finish
  • 1 steel mounting bar drilled and tapped with blued finish
  • 1 steel two-hole dovetail rail with blued finish
  • 1 steel bracket polished and blued with 7/8" diameter cradle for Hensoldt-Wetzlar scope
  • 2 steel clamp rings polished and blued
  • 4 steel 6-40 slotted oval head screws for scope clamp rings.
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Thomas B.D. on 6th Oct 2021

All the parts are well made. The finish on the sight mount, itself, is BEAUTIFUL. The long bar has a blemish on one side (plan on just putting that side against the donor gun) and the sight mount will need a little extra work to go on the side slide. Considering the price, I am more than happy.

Han solo DL-44 scope mount

Patrick Giddings on 22nd Sep 2021

Completely satisfied with my purchase

scope mount

Robert Sauerwein on 1st Sep 2020

final sanding or grinding could have been better. Well have to sand the low spots on the edge where the ring mount meets the pistol mount. But still satisfied

Scope mount

Fredd on 8th Apr 2019

Great service n product, wouldnt hassatate to order from them again.

Très bon produit

Philippe BOUISSON on 9th Jan 2019

Je suis pleinement satisfait du produit

Perfect for any DL-44 Replica

Elijah on 31st Oct 2018

This is a great part to buy for anybody looking to replicate the DL-44 from Star Wars, and works with Denix or any other C96 replicas with just a few tap holes. The only complaint I have about this product is that you can easily see the circular marks on the horizontal mount bar. With a little sanding and some paint its fine, but you should know nonetheless.

Han Solo scope mount kit

Jim on 29th Aug 2018

Quality of the metal seems good, has a good weight to it. Nicely blued as well the only issue I had with mine was the screws not lining up well over the scope on the top but other than that very well worth the money spent for sure and would recommend it to anyone.

Highly recommended

Uk Buyer on 31st Jul 2018

Item arrived today and I can say it is top quality and I cannot wait until I start putting the blaster together. If you want one and it is out of stock please do not let this put you off purchasing one as you will definitely be pleased with the product when received.